Monday, April 30, 2012

the end is coming

Did you see the story on the net of the man that killed his family then went to a hole in the ground which he had been working on for years to hide out while the SHTF!? I Read these forums on the net and this is a really popular thing on the net of survival when the end of our system breaks down. When I see these people planing I think why would you want to survive if you have to live in a bunker in the woods and kill everyone who passes your way? I read where they are planning on what gun to use and all sorts of plans. They talk about bug out bags which is stocked with food, water and weapons and I always think the guy writing this stuff is probably some city guy setting in a cubical wishing for the STHTF so they can escape their cube! There are many who think the world will end December 21,2012 because some calendar made by the Mayans say so and they are planning for that.I read that once in the early 1900's there were some that thought that the end would come on a certain date and they went up on a hill to wait for end that day, the next morning they all had to walk down off the hill and start planning for the next week ahead. It rained here this morning and my garden got a good soaking. My elusive lettuce is coming up we will see if it grows.

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The 4th Sister said...

They even have a tv show about that it is dumb