Sunday, April 01, 2012

Fleta helped and I have a photo

Thanks to Fleta, I can post photos now plus I think everything is back to normal. Blogger told me to down load google crome which I did but I was so dumb I wasn't using chrome after down loading it. I assumed that when I went to google it would be Google chrome not so. No spell checker but at least I can post a photo. My problem was I had IE 9 and Google wont recognize IE 9. I knew that already I just didn't know there was a Google Chrome and a Google.

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Sister--Three said...

I like Chrome better than I E and have been using it for several years. Now at School we use Chrome! You should have spell check...It will underline the word spelled wrong and if you left click on it suggestions will appear.

Glad you are kicking again. Not long after this picture was taken I started working and have worked ever since. I am really looking forward to not working for a while. If I get bored I will find a job.