Wednesday, April 18, 2012

gun control

sun is shining here. not much to report. Then there is this in a week when the secret service is in trouble and trying to prove they are doing their job what Ted Nugent said about President Barack Obama has Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who Nugent has endorsed, catching heat. During a National Rifle Association convention in St. Louis over the weekend, Nugent said he would be “dead or in jail by this time next year” if Obama is re-elected in November. Nugent backed Sarah Palin 4 years past for president VICE that is. Ted Nugent seems to be a political nazi himself, radicalizing the masses, to do as he says, “Chop their heads off” is not an axiom for a peaceful, logical debate on democracy. If you know Ted Nugent’s past you’ll know that he dodged the draft and never served his country, expecting others to do the fighting for him like black kids from the project. Ted Nugent, the man everyone loves to love or loves to hate, was recently popped with several game violations after filming an episode of his hunting show in California. From this story in the Sacramento Bee Rock star Ted Nugent, a 1970s guitar hero for hits including "Cat Scratch Fever," has recently created a successful second career as an advocate for hunting and outdoor ethics. His television show, "Spirit of the Wild," is a four-time "Golden Moose" award winner on the Outdoor Channel. He has used his celebrity status to help promote better pay and working conditions for California game wardens, and consistently rails against poachers and other wildlife criminals. So it was with a double take of disbelief that two California game wardens sat down in February to watch the show, and witnessed Nugent allegedly violate several California hunting laws. The Feb. 9 episode showed Nugent killing a young male deer with bow and arrow near the El Dorado County town of Somerset. The wardens were alarmed because the footage appeared to show Nugent killing a "spike" buck, or one whose antlers have not yet grown long enough to fork. Killing such a young deer is illegal in California. It also appeared to show the deer feeding on a powdery material spread on the ground before it was shot. The Department of Fish and Game launched an investigation, spokesman Patrick Foy said, which later revealed this material to be a commercial deer bait. Mr Nugent Is backing Romney because he thinks Obama is going to take guns from the public and that Romney will let him keep his guns. When Romney was governor in Massachusetts he was strong on gun control.


Lori said...

Nugent is the worst kind of idiot: a dangerous one!

Sister--Three said...

Bill advised Obama to leave gun control alone! Bill said because he was a guy who had hunted with guns he could deal with guns but Obama was seen as a chicago city slicker and he had better stay away from gun control.