Saturday, April 14, 2012

roses and bantams

my peace rose has bloomed. I saw my red rose I have had so many years has one bloom. Sammy sold most of his bantams this morning, at least he took them to the sale at Huntsville. I thought he sold the wrong one but they were his not mine. I went and got the eggs awhile ago since they were not gathered last night and got 32 eggs. that will be the last time I get that many because he only has 12 bantams left and two are not bantams but a larger hens he bought a while back. On rain here yet, I thought it sure would rain last night but it didn't. I called Fleta and told her it was going to rain so i am in trouble. The reason I thought it would rain the silver maple down the road leaves were turned up side down. that usually means rain but not this time.

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Sister--Three said...

You are probably better than the weather men. On the weekend, you can't really get the updated weather and through the week they stomp it in the ground til you don't want to hear it.