Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax day

No rain yet. If it doesn't rain today I am going to have to water the garden by evening. Sammy sold 26 bantams at the sale and they brought $163.00. I wont get many eggs from the bantam house now. I gathered 33 eggs yesterday.Did you see where the presidents secret service hired prostitutes while in Colombia and one fellow failed to pay so the lady of the night blew the whistle on all of the guys now it seems they may lose their jobs. poor fellows! Then there is this......Did we hook up at a Megadeath concert? I'm pregnant': Woman's search for father of her baby on Craigslist An anonymous blue haired lady is seeking a man with a red mohawk who she says is the father of her unborn child conceived at a heavy metal concert in Chicago. Lots of luck with that search.

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Sister--Three said...

What is the world coming to? Death and taxes are sure things.