Wednesday, May 30, 2012

hoe the weeds out/Chop Chop

After feeding the chickens and getting the eggs out of the hen house, I gather the eggs in the morning most days now because the heat is too much for me in the evenings, I took my hoe and crawled thro' the electric fence and hoed out the weeds and worked around my cucumber vines and the 3 hills of summer squash. My sister and now I fine brother Clayton are buying cucumber plants and squash plants rather than seeds. I maintain that is a waste because one plant  cost as much as a packet of seeds and I don't think they get
 fruit sooner than I do with my seeds. I maintain that every thing has a season and wont produce until it is time.

The only plants I make an exception for is tomatoes, and I usually grow my plants my self even then. If you buy your tomato plant at a store like wal-mart, it is a fact that if a smoker handles the plants you might have a dieased  plant when purchased.

  • (The tobacco mosaic virus infecting your plants is different from the fungi or bacteria that are also capable of harming vegetation. Viruses do not create spores and have no way of their own to penetrate a plant's leaves and stems. You can inadvertently introduce the virus by touching an infected plant and then handling a healthy plant that has a small nick or tear where the virus can enter. Tobacco in cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars can actually carry the virus. If you are a smoker, always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling plants.)

The roses I picked on my way to the house. The perfume of the rose is lovely to smell.

We have a cool breeze this morning. The people who are suppose to know such important facts say our high for Friday will be 69 degrees!

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Sister--Three said...

Still warm here. I planted cucumber and squash seeds and had a good stand...but the deer ate them.