Thursday, May 10, 2012

life's problems

I have a problem.... Helen's post..I saw Mike's youngest sister Candy at VVL school picking up Kathy's ( Mike's other sister)grand kids. Candy is in visiting from Kansas because Mike's mothers boy friend, Dick, was sick. I went over to Candy and asked if she was Candy because I really could not tell, But I recognized Kathy's Grand kids...Candy has not aged well. She is 1 year older than I am. Well anywho, I told her who I was and we hugged. I had not seen her in 20 years at least. I told her I had heard Dick was sick. She said he was dead...Just in those words... 'He is dead. ' I asked her when he died and she said 2 days ago. I told her I was sorry (don't strike me dead Lord!) and said I hoped her Mom was fine. Candy said, "Oh, she is doing just fine. We have an appointment with an attorney this after noon." They were not ever married so I can only guess what was going on there with an attorney. ...BTW Dick has at least 1 daughter. I doubt if there was a lot of love lost since Mike's Mom moved in with Dick before the other wife's body was cold. Oh well, such is life. Or maybe that should be death. This is like a soap opera, MY PROBLEM IS I want to know what happen at the lawyers, did the x-mother- in-law get money from Dick or was she left out in the cold? 'course it is phoenix so hard for her to be in the cold. Helen didn't get along with the X even when she wasn't an X so Helen can't ask her. Maybe I could get X'S phone no and call her , I could say I was doing a government servery about women who live with rich old men and do they get any thing when he dies?? I know I could get Kris , Helen's daughter to ask her grandma, Kris got along with grandma! I would be able to ask Billie to find out but he is mad at me cause I posted the photo of him and the finger. That just goes to show you should be careful what you say about nephews cause you never know when you might want him to dig up some dirt!

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The 4th Sister said...

It is a puzzle to me. and no I will probably never know....but then again you never know because that family seems to think the things they do are normal.
I remember after I left Mike I took our old neighbor a cinnamon roll for Christmas, Mike Nasser. He told be Mike had been over to tell them I left him. He said Mike told him he gave me 12.50 a week and thought that was very generious. Mike nasser had a fit and told Mike what in the hell could Helen do with 12.50 a week. I would have never told Mike nasser Mike gave me 12.50 a week. In the first place I figured he would have never believed that anyway....So yesterday when Candy said Dick had only been dead 2 days but they had an appointment that day with an attorney she thought that was just what anyone would have done...So I may hear yet because if Charlotte gets money she will think that is due her...and if she doesn't she will be mad I may hear... who knows. But Patsy you will be the first person I tell LOL