Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Betty's family

I got a call today from Barbara Wade wanting chickens. I gave her 9 of my pullets that are 5 weeks old.
I say I gave her but you don't give Barbara Wade anything. She brought me a sack of chick started and a sack of layer pellets when she came to get the chickens. She wanted the chickens  for her grand children. She told me someone had lost a bale of hay near her house and I told her ,she should get it so she could make nest for her hens when they start to lay. I went out to gather eggs and was setting in my chair , Sammy came out and said what is that behind the chicken house. Barbara had brought back the wire cage and she brought a big pile of hay! I will be reaping benefits for those free chickens for the rest of my life.
I am pretty smart about who to give something too.

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Sister--Three said...

When I stayed overnight with Jonell, Barbara was just a little bitty girl. I can remember Francis Sue, Mary Ellen, Esther Faye, and I think it is Barbara Ann. The others I did not know. Some may have been babies but I don't remember them. One is Cynthia and the other Lorissa or something like that.

I got a birthday card from Jonell today!