Monday, June 18, 2012

flowers growing in my garden

I have nasturtiums,
 Zinnias and marigolds in my garden. this is a strange year first I couldn't get lettuce to sprout and the marygold flower has been hard to get to come up. Usually marigolds are like weeds you can't get rid of them but in the 3 packs I sewed I think I have 12 plants.
I woke up aching all over and to barrow  a phrase from mama I sleep hard.
They are going to send my glasses and the glasses  are suppose to be here Friday.When I pick my frames I want some think sturdy that will last and not fall apart but my daughter always wanted a "pretty" pair and to my delight when my son picked his frames he picked a "pretty" glass frame they had gold trim and were flashy for me it was a plain black frame with no frills.
yesterday I looked around and found two eyeglass cases that belonged to Janet and I told Sam he could take a case to put his glasses in at night if he wished but he said oh, they will send a case. I said maybe not but Sam was sure they would perhaps he inquired but I have had lots of glasses with out cases.
I noticed how dry the fields were  when going to Harrison.I saw fields with grass 2 feet tall and dead. If the conditions don't improve farmers will have to start feeding hay soon to their cows and horses. It is a good thing Fleta's goats have the green stuff around the pond to eat and the brush on the hills.
Sammy's chickens will get here Friday. I saw a friend of Janet's at Harrison. Teresa Marion had moved to the Dakotas , north or south I forgot which. her twin sister worked for Clayton in the lab was with her. I inquired as to why she was here and she said her mother had died.
Fleta has 3 ripe tomatoes! I have lots of green tomatoes. I need to pick my green beans.
I saw the rabbit hopping around in my garden yesterday in the after noon. I guess it is so dry he is desperate for some thing green to eat. I have seen 2 out in the yard at the same time of late.
I better go feed while it is cool.


Sister--Three said...

I had one wipe tomato last night. Ate it quick. Boy was it good. Not like those you buy. I picked one today...not quite ripe but I thought it might rot as it was on the ground. I may get to eat it tomorrow.

Sister--Three said...

Can't find your NEW email address. Mine is
could you send me an email then I will have yours.