Wednesday, June 20, 2012

hot and dry

I watered the garden this morning . I have been watering ever other evening but on the second after noon it wilts, at least the squash, cucumbers and flowers do so I decided to try watering 8 hours early and see if that stopped the wilting  during the after noon.
The heat is really bad and it is so dry here.
Sam sent Siggy package yesterday, Betty. I sent her  perfied rock and a little clock with a baby Jesus and angles. Janet had bought them in 1996 and I found them the other day. They were in my bed room and I had over looked them while giving away her stuff. Tell Siggy I expect her to learn to tell time with out the use of the numbers clicking by. I was horrified to learn that Jessie and Jamie could not tell time except with a numbered clock when they were about 7 and 8 years old. I showed them how to tell time on a regular clock in about 10 minutes .
I have a doctor appointment on the 27. I haven't been there since Kathy got booted out. I wonder if they will ask about her?


Donna said...

Hot and dry here too. I'm going to buy a couple more soaker hoses when we shop.

Sister--Three said...

Siggie will be excited. She will learn to tell time with it as she is persistent.

I water every other morn...but may have to start daily.

Got the tomatoes staked.

Hope your day is good.

Did not know Kathy got the 'boot'. Did she get another job?