Wednesday, June 27, 2012

new glasses

I have new glasses and now I must learn to use them . Sammy has glasses also. I went to the doctor and got pills. this is a requirement for old people , pills and eyeglasses.
Helen will have a new computer in a few days.
Over the years Helen has given me many things and now I have given her something. I guess I am trying to buy my way into heaven

They told me today at the doctors office I still had a job to do that was why I was still alive. I told them I hoped the job wasn't very strenuous !. The place where I go is a baptist mission clinic and they were in a preaching mood today.

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Sister--Three said...

Your job is to tell us a few more stories about our past. You have not told them all. Hope you can see with the glasses. That is the big important thing. Hope the pills were free!