Friday, June 22, 2012

Ozark Bible Institute .

Betty wants me to tell about the school of the Ozarks and the year I spent there.
Richard dropped out of school in the 8th grade but I went to school at Green Forest in the 8th grade, The truth was it was hard for us to leave the Douglas school and go to town. In the 9th grade
I had no cloths to wear, I had one dress and it was not made of very good material. after a few weeks I just didn't go back to school.
We had a Bible teacher in our communitty  Miss Fern and after a while she came to see daddy and she had found this school at Ozark Arkansas called the Ozark bible school.
She contacted the school and they agreed to take me , daddy didn't have a car that would make  trip so Carl Bishop took me and daddy there in June  1954.
As I look back on that time I am sure some people thought that I had a baby while I was gone but nothing was father from the truth. We were so poor we didn't have cloths or enough food to eat.
That Year I went to bible classes every day as well as my regular classes.
The couple in this photo were friends of mine at the school and I have been blessed to fine them again after all these years.
Brad and Marjore Riddle from around the hills of carrolton were at the school also. I look back on thoese years with fond memories..
The schiool was located on top of a mountain that over looked the Arkansas river.
There were 2 groups of believers in the school , one was sort of led by Mr. Levine and they were sort of holly roller and then there was Mr. kaylor, he had been a missionary in India and retired.and less holly roller, I was in his group  when we studied the Bible. They let us pick what group we wanted to be in. We had several people who had retired and lived there and taught classes. One lady was Margaret Fields she was the daughter of the actor named  W. C. Fields. Her brother lived in Chicago and he and she had inherited their father's money.
I look back on that year with joy. I had lots to eat and cloths to wear and it was a great place to be in that time of my life.


Sister--Three said...

Thanks for telling us about it. I did not think you went there to have a baby. I thought you went after Grandpa Powell died and it had to do with a religious conversion. But you went there the same reason I went to school of money and no future.

When I first went to s of o I worked in the laundry. I don't remember much about it. I don't think it was very hard. Then I worked at the restaurant where you go into s of o. I think I had to work about 20 hours a week.

The year I went the school was overcrowded. As a freshman I lived with several girls. I recall Bliss Berry, Olivia Kennedy, Muriel Dablemont. I could think of other names. I took Old Testement and New Testement my Freshman year. I enjoyed those classes.

We were poor when I was growing I can imagine how poor you were when you growing up.

Thanks for telling about going to Bible School.

Brielle Franklin said...

Thanks so much for telling about your experience at bible school. I have been looking at taking a few online Bible classes to kind of keep my faith, and possibly learn a few new things I was never told about. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks!