Friday, June 08, 2012

pigs and polish chicks

I have been looking for a pig for awhile. After putting the pork in the freezer I told Kelly we needed to start growing another and yesterday I sent Kel to see about buying some more hogs. He bought 2, one for me and one for him.
Daddy always let his hogs get Hugh and that is what I want to do with these if we can.
Hatchery called and they wanted to send Sam's polish chicks June 20th instead of next month so SAM is going to be busy.
I woke with my shoulders hurting so BAD and had to get up and take a pill. I am going to try to lay down and sleep some more.


Sister--Three said...

Hope you feel better when you awake!

Betty said...

I'm in a lot of pain today, too. It's very humid, which could be the cause.