Friday, June 29, 2012

Prefer chicken or mice? make mine CHICKEN!

I had a premonition,last night about black snakes and the  polish chicks SAM put out yesterday. Shoren nuff when I opened the lid to feed the chicks there he was in a hen nest where the brooder for the chicks is.  I couldn't find a hoe but located two shovels that SAM bought at the sale and attacted. After a mighty battle I had him penned with one shovel and beat his head in with the other.
He wasn't very big but I know he could have eat some chicks.

I beat on the side of the house and made Sam come out and get him out of the pen. I hate snakes. You can tell me how they eat mice and all that stuff and I will still kill them. I have plenty of rat poision there is no need for a mouser around here besides this snake looked like he perfered chicken over mice.

We have a large toad living in my garden, the black and white out side dog found it this morning and tried too kill it or eat it. The way he spite it out I would say toad is not very tasty. I think the dog prefers chicken.
I have to go down to the doctor office and let them drag blood when Sammy gets up. he went back to bed after the black snake fight.


Donna said...

Toads can actually make a dog drunk. And also they will foam at the mouth. When we first got Iris, she puked up foam after messing with a toad.

Sister--Three said...

Dogs will eat toads and foam at the mouth. You would think they were smarter.

I will be seeing snakes. Larry about has my tractor built. I don't want a snake coming to get my chicks. I don't like snakes but am not afraid to kill them. I don't run just get a hoe or shovel. Sometimes I do yell for larry and the the gun if he is near. lol