Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tomato picking time

Clayton brought me tomatoes again. He said he had to pick everything that was ripe or they would sun scald while he was at work. I told him it was worse than he though because that neighbor of his had been bragging that she could steal his ripe tomatoes while he was at work.
I am glad he brought them to me instead of leaving them for Fleta.
The three on the porch are my first about to get ripe tomatoes I picked today. I will water again tonight. My tomatoes will be getting ripe and Fleta and Clayton wont have any tomatoes. If they come up here I thought I would lock the door and pretend I wasn't home but that would just give them  the way into the tomato patch. I wonder if I threaten them with a gun that would stop them? No they would know I wouldn't shoot
Kelly says he has tomatoes growing in a bucket, he got the sets from me and Tony has tomatoes plants he got here so perhaps I can sell my ripe tomatoes if they ever get ripe??? I could have SAM take me down to Tyson and sell to them to the people when they get off work!

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Sister--Three said...

I am getting a few tomatoes. They sure taste good.

Larry saw twin baby deer over past Laura's house yesterday. He said if he had a gun he would of shot both of them...what would Fleta think. lol