Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Petrified wood

I got to go to the grand canyon and the petrified forest twice because Helen took me. Ever one should see these places at least once. This is pieces
of petrified wood I have collected in Arizona. These two pieces were lying on the park in lot out side the 
a gift shop just out side of the National Forest , the gift shop sold petrified rocks.

There is  petrified  wood on the Navajo 
 reservation and they sell the wood to the public. the National Forest doesn't sell wood and if you pick up wood in the National Forest you will be fined and perhaps go to jail.if caught. I didn't steal any wood from the forest tho' Helen accuses me of it . The threat of a fine and jail always makes me law abiding. I am gradually giving all my keep sake away.

the minerals replace the wood cells and the wood becomes rock while  still maintaining the look of the wood. .

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