Monday, July 16, 2012

chickens feed

 golden polish
 white top Polish,Austra whites cuckoo Marans and golden comets.

Golden Comet

Golden Comet henIf you want lots of huge, brown eggs and are willing to buy chicks every few years to renovate your flock, the Golden Comet should be your top choice. This variety is a hybrid between a White Rock female and a New Hampshire male and is one of the hybrid varieties in which the males are very easy to tell from the females as soon as they hatch. As a result, if you order all female Golden Comet chicks, you're nearly guaranteed to receive all females (as opposed to many other chicken varieties where sexing is a chancy business and you'll often end up with a rooster amid your hens.
Rhode island reds and welsummers
monday morning fairly cool but no clouds in the sky so may get hot.69 degrees at 8 O'clock and high is
suppose to be 90 degrees.


Sister--Three said...

You get more eggs with all those big hybrid chicken but they eat 10 times more than a Bantie. I guess it depends if you want eggs to eat or sell. It would not be a money making adventure to try and sell our Bantie eggs. We love them but others would smirk at their size.

The 4th Sister said...

They are all pretty