Saturday, July 07, 2012

dead dog and bugs in garden

The Pyrenees dog was under our porch dead at about 6 O'Clock last evening . at 3 O'clock I saw him in the yard and he appeared to be fine and then later SAM found him under the porch dead as a door nail. I have no idea what happened to him. SAM thought it was the heat that killed him. I doubt that.
I went out and watered the garden early then after turning off the water I proceeded to feed the chickens. Sam got up and said did it rain? I said yes. Soon the neighbor came in to his yard and SAM told him it rained. he said no it didn't they proceeded to argue about the rain and I just went on feeding and took care to my  business.
My squash vines are over run with a white bug and there is a black bug eating my tomato plants . I am just going to pick what tomatoes I have and forget it. I pulled one of the squash plants that was covered  with the white bugs and gave it to the chickens. They liked the bugs.

I lose interest in the garden when the heat hits our garden and it sure has hit here. I may see if I can plant a fall garden later but I am done trying to grow garden in this heat and all the bugs.


Sister--Three said...

I watered my tomatoes. Larry is not watering the melons as much. It is supposed to help their sweetness on the last to hold back some of the water. I sure hope they are sweet and delicious.

I plan to have a fall garden as I will be free in the fall to do what I want.

Donna said...

That is a squash bug in the picture. Look on the underside of the squash leaves and you will see the eggs hanging on to the leaves. I am gradually learning how to deal with squash bugs... I think.