Tuesday, July 24, 2012

death in our community

It is a sad thing when a family fight ends in a death... This man is the son of Gene and Beverly Kilbourn. Beverly is the daughter of lee Norris and I went to school with her.
GREEN FOREST -- Wesley E. Kilbourn, 19, of Green Forest was arrested on a charge of manslaughter over the weekend after he allegedly caused the death of his father, Rodney Kilbourn of Green Forest, authorities said.
Several sources familiar with the situation who asked to remain anonymous told Carroll County News that Wesley and Rodney were arguing on Friday when Wesley allegedly pushed Rodney. Rodney apparently fell backward, hitting his head on a hard surface behind him and breaking his neck. The impact apparently killed the 55-year-old father.


Sister--Three said...

Who was Bev before she married? Is she from G. F.? This is sad.

Lottie said...

That is tragic for all the family members isn't it. And the son will have it on his conscience for the rest of his life.

What a tragedy arose from what sounds like a family argument. It's heartbreaking.