Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Golden Comets chickens

The golden comet pullets are looking good and I expect they will lay some time in the next 3 months.
i watered the turnip patch again last night and i am waiting to seed the plants to poke their heads above the dirt.
Sam put the electric fence back up because I was sure the big dog of the neighbors would start laying around in the fresh dirt.
Golden Comets

Golden Comets are not a true breed of chicken but they are a sex linked cross breed. They are specifically designed so that the chicks can be sexed as soon as they hatch. Male Golden Comets are a soft yellow color when they are born and the females are light red in appearance. A cross between a New Hampshire and a White Plymouth rock will give you a Golden Comet bird. This breed has not been given recognition by the Poultry Association.

Weight: Hens 4-6 pounds
Egg Shells: Brown

While they can be used for meat this is not their primary purpose. People who have these backyard chickens keep them for the number of eggs that they can lay. These chickens currently produce most large grade brown eggs found in grocery stores. They have phenomenal laying abilities and make a wonderful addition to any backyard chicken coop.

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Sister--Three said...

They are beautiful!