Monday, July 09, 2012

rain and mud

60% chance of rain today.
Two day with rain and the chicken pens are a mess. It is a human condition to never be satisfied
I have determined how to tell the polish roosters from the hens they both have waddles hanging down but the rooster's waddles are bigger and redder. I must get out there and run them out of the house and count the roosters.! The Golden Comet chicks are getting very pretty. The red feathers really show up with the black and white chickens.
 I didn't realized how much more the sex-link chickens laid than regular hens the Rhode Island Red  pullets have been very poor layers laying ever other day at best but the sex links will lay a egg ever 26 hours at least. They have ruined me for other laying hens. I think the Austra white  will lay well also. they are a cross of a leghorn and a Australorp chicken. In fact the chickens Sam had this spring and sold were Austra  Whites I think and it was not the first year for them to lay. They laid an egg a day and I tried to get Sam to keep some of them but he wouldn't listen to me and sold them at the sale at Huntsville. 

Austra White Chickens

Austra White Chickens are a cross of a Black Australorp cockerel over a White Leghorn pullet. The Austra Whites are then a white bird with black flecks. The breed cross was developed in the early 1900's by a hatchery looking to meet customer demands. Many people want a great white egg layer that is not nervous or flighty. The Austra White fits...

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Sister--Three said...

We have had NO rain.