Sunday, July 08, 2012


I saw a advertisement on TV the other day some origination was wanting people to sign up to donate 19 dollars a month to save the tiger. I got to thinking about there was a time when we were ask to donate to save the child but now they want us to donate to save the tiger and I did a search to see how many things we could donate to as a cause. Cats and dogs we were sure about but you can donate to save horses, no surpise there but you can donate to save cows!
But then this took the cake of all things you can donate to save an ass! no joke there is a origination that is advertised like this......

Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue is a 501(c)(3) corporation - all contributions/donations made to Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue, be they monetary or other, are tax deductible!

Save Your Ass is a non-profit, public charity that depends on your donations to help the donkeys and mules. We are unpaid volunteers and all contributions go directly to care for the animals. Funds are desperately needed. Please send a tax deductable contribution to the following address:

The only one I didn't find was to donate to save chickens but I did see where people wanted us to stop eating chicken to save them, I also saw where one origination wanted us to donate a chicken to a poor family. You could stop eating chicken and eggs to help save  the chickens and at the same time donate chickens to the poor.
I didn't search but I imagine you could donate to save the birds, fishes and snakes if you want.
I think I will try starting an organisation to bring in some cash.

                     Save our black snakes!
These poor creatures are in need of help! they are beaten, abuses in ever way humans can devise!  some have to resort to eating mice and chicken eggs ! send money orders to , SAVE OUR BLACK SNAKES or call BR549 all money will be spent to the  betterment of   a snake! 

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Sister--Three said...

That lady on the school bus--bout your age--that the kids cussed and abused as she held her cool nicely trying to get them to behave was sent over $600,000.00 because of the incident.

Send money to Patsy Ann
Her life is out of hand
She has many fowl to feed
help an old lady in need
Send cash maybe a one for five
It will surely help her survive!