Sunday, July 01, 2012


I went out this morning and tried to build some shade for the tomatoes, maybe it will work, maybe not! It  is a wire and old sheet pined to it like a cloths line. I will know by 2 O'Clock if it works.
I am watering ever after noon now. I posted that Ronnie had retired and that made me really old . I remember walking across the hill to watch TV in the early 50's and Ronnie was just a child.
Winnie and jack only had the one child.
when Ronnie was still in school Winnie left Jack . Jack was running around with a woman who lived above Denver and the lady told Winnie about their affair.
Winnie had no money and no way to leave but Jack was like a lot of men of his day and didn't put money in the bank instead he hid it in the barn. Winnie started slipping around and peaking in the cracks of the barn and soon learned where he hid his money . she relieved him of his roll of cash and took off like a ruptured duck with Ronnie in tow.
Winnie 's maiden name was Chaney and Jack told dad when he went to get Winnie to get married her father gave him some money, when he counted it, it was a thousand dollars. I guess Winnie took her inheritance back.
The Robertson brothers had bad luck with money. Jack's brother Rex owned a store  at Denver and he hide his money not telling  his wife where he hid it. One October Rex went to spring field to by groceries and Velveta had a young child .. It turned off cold and wet so Robertson's wife build a fire to warm the room. Rex 's money went up in smoke because he had hide the money in the stove ashes.
I imagine as Rex came down the Denver hill he thought "well, I am almost home there is the smoke coming from our chimney, then he thought, SMOKE!"


Lottie said...

I just love reading all your family memories - and you sure have lots of both. Brilliant

Sister--Three said...

More to tell before you sleep

Some things happen a bring a new memory to the surface of your mind.

Your work on earth is not over. Take a pill and live.

Remember our dog Jack...tell that story. Didn't it have something about jack Robertson in it?

Sister--Three said...

Winnie was the child of Archie and Alice Chaney...born at Rule 1926.

The 4th Sister said...

Did the shade work