Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the shoe on the other foot.

There came a time in my life when I realized the Doctor that I was seeing was younger than I was and that gave me a jolt. My sister not only is older than her Doctor but he was one of her students in years gone bye.
She went to see the doctor whom she calls by his first name. she had a list of things she wanted to tell Jeremy and no doubt she was nervous . When sister is nervous she talks and talks then talks some more.
the doctor was just standing listening. Sister said "What Jeremy?"  The Doctor said I am just waiting my turn to talk!
The Doctor went home that evening and his wife ask him about his day. Doctor said I have had a really GOOD day. His wife ask what happen? Doctor said I finally got to tell ole Lady Renfroe to stop talking and listen to ME!


Lottie said...

LOL - that's priceless and really made my laugh

All the doctors, dentistm specialists, consultants I meet are younger than me.

When I was younger I held them in awe and used to be nervous of speaking to them etc. Not now though

Sister--Three said...

He was in Erin's class...she had to sit by him a lot because of their last names. She said she was worried about Jeremy being a Dr. I am not. I really like having a personal relationship with my Dr.