Friday, July 27, 2012

You are a Monday!

I think I have found away to tell the roosters from the pullets in the golden laced polish. I think the pullets carry their tails straight out behind themselves and the roosters carry the tail up right. There are 3 pullets in this bunch and 1 rooster if I am correct. I see several pullets in this group of polish chicks  and I still can only see 5 pullets in the white top polish.
We had a nice shower yesterday that cooled the air but it is supposed to get hot again.
Jamie Lynn, my granddaughter lives in Rogers Arkansas. she posted a photo of the road in front of her house. It appeared to have came a flood there,.
8 eggs this morning, 2 banty eggs and 6 brown eggs.
I have just decided that that child molester , Sandusky is just crazy. They say he was sending the young man he was caught molesting in the showers at Penn. state emails right before they charged him.
Then There are two brothers in Alabama who had a surprise while fishing in a lake near Huntsville Alabama, seems they hooked a shark out of the lake.
Mitt Romney went to England and pissed them off.Said they were not prepared for the big games.
Another official who met with the former Governor of Massachusetts said he was 'apparently devoid of charm, warmth, humour or sincerity'.
Now seems you can get fired for calling a ball player a day of the week. No kidding!

Massachusetts police officer has been sacked after shouting a racial insult at Boston Red Sox star Carl Crawford.
The black outfielder was signing autographs before a game in New Hampshire when he was branded a 'Monday' by a heckler in the stands.
The comment was traced back to off-duty officer John Perreault, who has a history of being racially offensive, Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella said.
I saw on TV that a alderman in Chicago was trying to block a chicken eating place in his area because the owner had stated he was against gay marriage.
he latest in the saga of Chick-fil-A, homophobia and political grandstanding is taking place in Chicago. Just days after Jim Henson Productions and the Mayor of Boston have said no to Chick-fil-A, Ald.Proco "Joe" Moreno (1st) has announced that he plans to stop Chick-fil-A from building a new store, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel has spoken out in support of Moreno.

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