Saturday, August 18, 2012

buying beef today

I have been buying calves today. Sammy went to the sale at Huntsville to get his rooster check which they didn't send to him. He got 3. 50 for each of his roosters and I  suspect people thought some of them were pullets. He came home about 10 o'clock and he told me they had 40 young poor calves at the sale. he said they were not bucket calves but were really poor. Everybody pasture has died and been eaten into the ground around here.
I called Kelly and sent SAM over to Kelly's house with a check . I  told him to get us some calves and we would have beef next year. I haven't seen them yet but they are black white face caves and one grey calf that Kelly thinks is a Charolais mix. They are really poor and have not had enough to eat. Kelly thought they were about 3 to 4 months old.
Kelly got 2 steers and 2 heifers. he gave 70 dollars, 112.00, 90 dollars and 120 dollars.  I told him the man have gave  more for them when he bought them as bucket calves.. Kelly said he could feed them for a couple of months and sell them for double his money. I had to explain to Kelly that no, that the price was going into the cellar because hay was going to cost 100 a bale this winter and grain was going out of sight due to the drought. I told  him if we kept them until they were older they would be worth a lot of money because everyone is selling out because of the drought.
Kelly had no idea that the price of cattle was going to get so cheap. I don't know who will keep up with every thing when I am dead and explain to my sons about what make the world turn..

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The 4th Sister said...

Missy and I went to Sam's club last weekend and bought ground beef..90% was $3.18 a lb. That was higher than it used to be the last time we bought it there...Missy started to complain and I told her we ain,'t seen nothin' yet....with all of the grass dead it will go plumb out of sight.. it may get to where salmon from Alaska is cheaper than beef