Sunday, August 19, 2012

cheap beef and pork over seas.

Helen said..Missy and I went to Sam's club last weekend and bought ground beef..90% was $3.18 a lb. That was higher than it used to be the last time we bought it there...Missy started to complain and I told her we ain,'t seen nothin' yet....with all of the grass dead it will go plumb out of sight.. it may get to where salmon from Alaska is cheaper than beef.    Patsy said ...I first thought since the farmers was selling everything beef would be cheaper for a while until it started climbing again but I read the government was buying up car loads of beef and pork to HELP THE FARMER!
Yeah, the farmer will get a cheaper price, mark my word! and the price will stay high in the stores! that way everyone can buy high beef while China and other countries will buy cheap from the government.
I looked it up and found a report out of Oklahoma....
Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China are all countries that USMEF are working with to gain full market access for beef and pork. 

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