Monday, August 06, 2012

green beans up in turnip patch

The beans I planted among the turnips/ mustard are up .  
We had rain again last night. makes for a cool morning.
Fleta is still in Tenn. looking for graves.
The chickens are enjoying the cool weather but they are living in mud. 
6 eggs this morning.all the bantams are setting again. we have 4 bantam hens and one rooster .
my hatchery chicks are 14 weeks old tomorrow and they might start laying in 6 weeks. The red pullets  and the white pullets are getting red combs.
Daisy Powell is always telling people I can find information on the computer about people and yesterday Fayrene Norris called me , she said Daisy Powell had told her about my skills on the computer and wanted information about The Morales, Easter and  Manuel. She wanted to know if they were dead. I told her I didn't have to look on the computer. They were dead as well as their son Alex. She said how do you know that? She didn't remember my brother was married to their daughter at one time.
then she wanted to know about a Dale Watzel from Rhode Island . I was able to find a death record for a Dale Watzel in Providence and she excepted that was the Watzel she was looking for. I have no way of knowing if it was the right person.Fayrene is 82 years old and she was easy to convince.
This is the second time Daisy has had someone call me to look for information about  someone. I have decided if i can't find what ever the next person wants to know I will just make something up that way I wont let Daisy down.


The 4th Sister said...

imagine that you make something up....

Sister--Three said...

I think it is a good idea...just invent what you want, girl. Last time I new Angie's last name was Williams and she was an educational evaluator for the school system in
Houston, I think it was. She has a big educational degree.

Sister--Three said...

Name of Deceased: Manuel Morales
Gender: M (Male)
Age at Death: 88
Death Date: 12 Sep 2009
Obituary Date: 17 Sep 2009
Newspaper Title: SanAntonio
Newspaper Location: San Antonio, TX, USA
Birth Date: 23 Oct 1920
Residence (at time of death): Junction
Spouse's Name: Esther Frances Valdez
Parents' Names: Milton and Rafaela,
Childrens' Names: Mary Evangeline (Angie) Morales of Ft. McKavett; daughter-in-law Beverly Morales of San Antonio; Ramon Alejandro Morales
Siblings' Names: Octavio and Milton, Jr
Marriage Date: 11 May 1946
Number of Grandchildren: 10
Number of Great-grandchildren: 13
Military: Army
This looks like Manuel but I thought he died before this.