Friday, August 24, 2012

life's full circle

Do you know that grandma Powell's house had a up stairs  with a boxed in cubby hole under the stairs. Grandma neatly folded ever sack she got and stacked them under the stairs. In 1954 when grandpa died the cubby hole was full. Someone  lured grandma away for a few hours and her daughter carried the load down by the pond and set fire to the stack which included grandma's bedding which grandpa had lain on dying.
Grandma arrived home in time to go rescue some of her treasures before they burned.
The house we lived in in front of the cave had walls papered in old news print dating back to 1921 and I would lay in bed reading the walls in the morning.
Aunt Francis 's house had a up stairs and she stored everything up there including old magazines and books. When we went to visit I spent a lot of time reading these forbidden treasures. In those days my life was spent searching for reading material. Come to think of it it still is but now my up stairs is this computer where I read any thing I can find.

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