Wednesday, August 08, 2012

polish rooster.

I called Barbara Wade yesterday and gave her a   polish rooster. We had 9 and was going to keep 2 . Sammy was going to sell the others Saturday. She came this morning and got her rooster.
I was so short of breath I gave her the net and she went in and caught him.
She said her granddaughter had been asking her if they could get just one more chicken. The girl has one more now.
The dog got in and dug around in the turnip patch. Sam said it wasn't his dog but I  am sure it was, that dog digs  holes all over ever where and that was what happen in the garden. He dough a big hole. I have a place to plant lettuce now if I can fill in the hole.
I heard a rooster crowing in the golden polish pen this morning, They are only 7 weeks old.

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