Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 The lettuce has come up and I have two good patches. I picked some greens yesterday morning and cooked them , they were really good.
Sammy went into the rabbit business, the neighbor and SAM have worked 2 days trying to build cages and only have one built. They are slow. I had rabbits once and you can't run fast enough to give me more.
The polish chickens are growing fast. Sammy is unhappy the sale he goes to in Huntsville has closed down. .
He said he didn't know what we would do with all the chickens. I said you can always get rid chickens. He said yeah, you have enough relatives you can give them too. do you think he was being a smart mouth?
About the rabbits, they can't sex them and I say they are to chicken to kill them.


Sister--Three said...

Sorry, Sam's chicken business has faltered. The sale may open back up...or another one will.

The 4th Sister said...

there bis always trade e o....