Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have not been feeling well at all. Virginia Lee told me to notify all of the family about the get together at Alpena on the 29th. I talked to Barbara Wade today and ask her if she was going to the reunion seem the Rudd's knew nothing about the reunion. I guess I thought Virginia meant anyone named Powell and she meant anyone with family connection. I told Barb I was sorry and would she notify her sisters. she said she would.
Fleta said she didn't like the small eggs the banties laid I gave her. She wants eggs big enough to bake a cake


Sister--Three said...

We love the little eggs. Tell Barbara Wade to please tell Jonell. I called the two numbers I had for her and both said not taking calls. Means they are cell phones and turned off I think. I was thinking of writing letter, but hope Barbara will tell her as I would love to see her. She sent me a photo of Alivia, Casey and Adam from the big shin dig birthday party. And a obit. of Gladys Darlene Carmical Anderson, Ann Rudd's siter. It named all the family. I was pleased to get it. Frank Carmichal married Mary White and the Whites are one of the families I research up there.

My knee has throbbed all day. A couple of times I just sat and cried it hurt so badly.

Donna said...

If the recipe calls for 1 egg, you use 2 little eggs. Very simple, very easy.
I hope you get to feeling better, Patsy.

The 4th Sister said...

Fleet use more your name it is smart ass