Tuesday, September 04, 2012

fried pies and a new brother in law.

I made fried pies. the last time so I told Tony and SAM they had better enjoy them , I wont do it again. Kelly is out in the cold, Tony took them home with him.
Tony said my brother Gilbert went south with Kelly to the horse show. They got a lot of rain, picture this Horse  manure, horse piss and red mud according to Gilbert ,Kelly slipped and fell and it was so slick he couldn't get up. My brother didn't help him at all. He just laughed.
Tony said our little brother is getting married next week. Kelly and Gilbert will be bother- in -laws. Does that make you your own grandpa?


Sister--Three said...

Gilbert will be Kelly's Uncle brother! Gilbert always wanted to be Kelly's brother and now he will be.

Sister--Three said...

Patsy you will be your brother's aunt.

Erin said...

I'll be my uncles cousin

patsy said...

gilbert will be what he has always been, a monkeys uncle!