Wednesday, September 12, 2012

hard times

two polish pullets. they are shaped like a leghorn chicken .
I am glad to see that Obama is pulling ahead of the Mormon in the polls and then I read that Romney leads seems even the polls are influenced by political views One poll had Obama leading by !0 points..
I have not been at all happy with this president but I am sure John McCain would not have made me happy either.
I am like the people at the convention, I would be happy if Bill could run again but he is on a vegetable diet so no telling what he would do now. I saw where some at the convention wanted Hillary to run in 2016 but when she ran in '08 they treated her like last weeks newspaper. What do you do with last weeks newspaper you ask? you line the bird cage with it! I think Hillary has seen enough of the bottom of the cage .
I saw where some of the party faithful said if Romney won they were going to Canada. I wonder what they are wanting to hide .
You know I have been thinking about Romney and his Tax returns, everyone is Hinting he may have not paid as much as some think he should, well, really who do you know that pays more taxes than they absolutely have too?
Ever thing I read says food is going to get higher in the coming years. My turnip patch is growing in value every day. Sammy sold the red hens yesterday and the pullets are not laying yet. We ate beans and corn bread when we were children and I suppose we will again if we can afford the corn meal.
We are taking our corn crop and making fuel for our cars instead of eating the corn.

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Sister--Three said...

That fuel is really hard on all the machines. Larry will not put it in our tractors or lawn mowers. It eats up all the rubber hoses and such.

We had cornbread and beans last night and boy it was good. Larry had greens and I could not even taste to see if they were seasoned right.