Wednesday, September 26, 2012

killing yellow jackets

For yellow jackets varieties that dwell underground or in vegetation areas you can use a dusting power or gel style repellant to kill the yj and their eggs. The eggs from these type of wasps may be hard to locate because they are usually isolated. Make sure that you do not allow small children or animals to play in the areas that you have treated for at least forty eight hours. It is best to wait for evening time before applying the powders or gels as this is when the wasps return to their dwelling areas and you will get the best results.
Homemade Methods
People use several homemade methods for killing yellow jackets  and removing their nests. It is important to use extreme caution if you plan on using a method such as this as it can be very dangerous and the results are not always known.
One of the most popular home methods for killing yellow jackets  is to pour gasoline on their nesting areas. You do not have to light the areas on fire as the fumes from the gasoline are strong enough to kill the yellow jackets and cause burning to their nests. The complete nesting area should be removed to prevent re-infestation from other yj  who may want to take up residency.
Vinegar is another method that can be used as vinegar has a high acidic rating and will cause burning to the yellow jackets  and their nest. The vinegar can penetrate the eggs of the wasps to prevent them from hatching. I also found people who said to use hot soapy water and to do this at night. all information  said that insecticide was the least desirable of all methods used.

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