Sunday, September 09, 2012

Mr. Flynt, Romney on the phone!

Ronmey never passes up on a way to make money!

The Hustler founder is offering a $1 million reward for information on Mitt Romney's taxes, AdWeek reports. Flynt, an outspoken critic of Romney, is taking out two full page ads in Sunday's issues of USA Today and The Washington Post to publicize the offer.
The ad offers cash in exchange for "unreleased tax returns and/or details of his offshore assets, bank accounts and business partnerships.”
"What is he hiding?" Flynt said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "Maybe now we'll find out.
This isn't the first time Flynt has offered major cash in exchange for dirt on a politician. In fact, he's been pulling these stunts since the 70s. A similar offer in 2007 brought down Republican Senator David Vitter for his connection to a prostitution ring. Last year, he offered $1 million for information on Rick Perry's sex life.
I remember he offered a reward on any of the men working to impeach Clinton during the Monica affair and brought Newt Gingrich to his knees.

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