Sunday, September 02, 2012


The sun is shinning here today and the lettuce patch is growing. wilted lettuce soon. I saw a turnip the size of my thumb while pulling mustard greens for the chickens so we will have turnips before winter.
I have been reading that the government may send the navy seal plus everyone who prints anything about the raid to prison, I wonder if they will send the readers to prison also? They are so full of them selves. I am glad someone finally dared to pull the plug on them.
The government says we killed him but don't you dare tell how and all the details. we must have our secrets
I read that the book might help Obama win the election, maybe that is why the pentagon is rais' such a fuss?.


Sister--Three said...

It is hot and miserable here today. I had to buy more of that stuff to put around my little garden...deer game and ate a row of peas. I hate them all.

patsy said...

I would eat the deer.