Thursday, September 13, 2012


lettuce is growing. I watered the patch again last evening. I don't have to water so much since it cooled off. The neighbors female dog is in heat. He wants to shoot all the dogs hanging around. I think that is brilliant, You have a female dog in heat and you are mad at all the male dogs coming around to visit.
Helen called she is going to make soap like I did a week or so past.
You got to go , you got to go.

Disturbing video shows the moemnt a 77-year-old grandmother is yanked from her car and cuffed for failing to show police her license.

Distressing video footage shows the moment a 77-year-old grandmother is yanked out of her car for failing to hand over her driver's license after telling the police officer she was speeding because she needed to go to the bathroom.
Lynn Bedford, of Cleburne, Texas was was stopped by Sgt. Gene Geheb on August 19th for driving at 66 mph in a 50 mph zone, but after Mrs. Bedford refused five-times to hand over her insurance and license, the officer pulled her from her SUV and cuffed her.
Then they placed her in the back seat of his car. I hear the back set was damp when they arrive at the police station.


The 4th Sister said...

I read that this AM and thought of

Sister--Three said...

Lettuce looks hearty. We may get another rain this weekend.