Saturday, October 20, 2012

binder or blinders

Billy has missed out some where, he didn't know you could have whole binders full of women, Mitt! Looks damp out my window this morning, I haven't been out yet to see. 17 days to go and then we will know if its 4 more years of water melon wine or riding on top of the car with the dog.seriously I think Obama hasn't done what he said he would do if we let him have the keys to the car and I doubt if he will do much that we want him to do in 4 more years. Now on the other hand I think Mitt Romney tell out and out untruths, I say untruths because his son wants to punch me in the mouth if I say liar.
So I think we have no idea what Mitt will do, perhaps he will have us all baptised for the dead and bring the head of the Mormon church to the white house to reign supreme master over all the religious right people. I hope he gives us all Mormon unaware they look like they are warm and roomy.
Maybe Mitt will bring back polygamy and men can have whole binders full of women, Oh come to think of it some do that all ready.

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