Friday, October 05, 2012

eggs ,10

10 eggs yesterday. The turnips are getting larger soon will have enought to pull for a meal. I managed to get the calves up to eat this morning. they are doing good. green grass and all the 50/50 feed they can eat.
We have thunder and a few drops of rain this morning.
I went to the doctor on the 27 of september. The nurse called last night and said they got my report back on the x-ray on my lungs and I had Pneumonia , That was 7 days past I think I would have died by now if I had Pneumonia  7 days ago.


Donna said...

Patsy, you might have walking pneumonia. I've known of people who had that for quite a while and didn't die. Does seem like they could have told you sooner and given you some antibiotics.

Sister--Three said...

Donna said what I was thinking so I will not say a thing.