Tuesday, October 16, 2012


FLETA SAID IN HER POST....The election has me depressed. I am thinking we are going to get Romney. 
I am remained of some fellow a few weeks ago that killed his family and him self because he thought Obama was going to win....Truth is we are going on with our lives, no matter who sets in the white house. we are so far down the totem pole they, meaning our political leaders don't know who we are or how we live. we walk in cow manure, goat pellets and chicken manure,  so our lives are far removed from these soft hands politicians  that live their lives in pomp and velvet  and we need not get so wrapped in their big talks and big lies that we let them take over our lives. Truth is none of them are worth the powder it would take to blow the little darlings to the white house.
Cheer up sister , Obama hasn't done much for us and he wont do much for us if he gets 4 more years..Romney wont do any thing for us either, we have to wade manure and carry our own load no matter who is in the white house You need to draw your rocking chair money and then Obama would give you a 1.07 RAISE IN NOVEMBER LIKE HE DID THE REST OF YOUR SISTERS AND ONE BROTHER.

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Donna said...

Well said! Personally, I think Obama will be re-elected.