Sunday, October 14, 2012

guineas again

I only had one guinea hen and rooster left . the hen hatched chicks in July or august and SAM sold them. A few weeks ago the hen disappeared and I thought she was caught then after a week she showed up to eat then disappeared again. I said she might be on a nest of eggs again. I looked out this morning and there she was in the calf pasture with babies . Sam got the neighbor boys to catch them. We have 12 new guineas in the calf hutch under a light. I felt bad for the poor little hen but she could never raise them here because of the dogs and rain is deadly for young guineas. Next spring we will have guineas running again. I figured the last two would get caught this winter and it would be the last of them but with 12 to turn loose next spring we will have guineas for another year. My neighbors like the guineas because we had less ticks and grass hoppers than the rest of the people on the hill.The Japanese beetle tried to move in on us and the guineas wiped them out right away.

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The 4th Sister said...

hip hip hurray