Thursday, October 04, 2012

James Carville

 I watched the debate on CNN and it was a disaster for Obama I think.
First I am a democrat, doesn't matter who you are or what you are running for in my opinion , you MUST be a democrat. 
CNN had a republican and James Carville , a blonde woman who worked for Romney and a man who worked for Obama talking about who won .  James Carrville is the kind of person that when he show up on TV I think GOOD now I am not the only democrat in the room.
Carville said Obama lost the debate, he said Obama acted like he should not have had to be on the debate, like it was just a bother to him. I agree. The debate went to Romney because Obama just didn't do a good job on stage.
Carrville said Obama lost and I agree if we think Obama lost then he lost bad 'cause me and James  will give anybody 47% just for being a democrat. 
I don't know if it cost Obama the election but it sure cost him the debate.
James Carville didn't work on Hillary Clinton's  campaign 
   for the democrat nomination   , I don't know if she didn't want him or if he didn't want her but if Hillary had had  James Carville working on her campaign she would be president now I think. 
Wake up Obama, if me and Carville think you lost, you lost!


Donna said...

I was wondering what you would have to say about it!

Linda@VS said...

Patsy, I agree with you. I'll vote for Obama, but Romney was the best debater. Romney's strategy was brilliant: steal some of Obama's most popular talking points (taking care of the middle class, for instance) and claim them as his own, even if they aren't consistent with what he's been saying for months. I think Obama may have been struck speechless by Romney's boldness in telling those lies. Obama looked like he had been ambushed, while Romney just kept on smiling. I recognized that smile, though; I was once married to a used-car salesman.