Friday, October 19, 2012


Do your best to not get old and stupid. I have the oxygen machine the doctor ordered for me so I can sleep and I notice last night I kept waking up a LOT and wasn't sleeping. When day light arrived I realized the LOOOONG cord that goes from my nose to the machine had come unhooked.WHEN? don't know but the last couple of night I had not been getting my sleep so figure from there.
I got 7 eggs yesterday. I am getting 7 to 10 a day now.
Brother came by the other day and I was trying to fit the eggs I had for him into a walmart bag. I dumped a dozen out in the bag and said, "I can't do any thing any more!" brother said "you are old ! "

crossed my mind that he was just 6 years down the road behind me but decided not to say that.

Sam has to water the calves today. looks like another pretty sun shiny day here.

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Sister--Three said...

I love you, Sister, old or not.