Thursday, October 18, 2012

Philadelphia Officer Beats a Woman to the ground

Remember the cop who hit the woman in the face because someone threw water on him and he hit her ??? It was the wrong person but even if she had been the one who tossed the water the officer had no right to do as he did.They are going to fire him , GOOD! no doubt if the action he took had not been shown on You tube he would have walked away with out charges and the lady would be behind bars with a heavy fine if not prison..
A Philadelphia police officer will be dismissed after punching a woman in the face

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia's police union is holding a fundraiser for an officer who is being fired after being recorded on video punching a woman at a parade.
Earlier this month, the city's police commissioner announced Lt. Jonathan Josey was being suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. Mayor Michael Nutter has apologized to the woman.
The Philadelphia Daily News reports ( ) union members are supporting Josey and holding a fundraiser for him on Oct. 28.

FOP President John McNesby says the proceeds will go toward Josey's living expenses. McNesby says he thought it was inappropriate for the mayor to apologize to the woman before the investigation was complete.

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