Sunday, November 04, 2012

Berryville Ar. in the fall

This is a photo of the square in Berryville, Arkansas. needs a good raking. Only 3 days until the bi9g election will be over one way or another. I will be glad to see it past. There hasn't been much to like or enjoy this go around. I hope we send Mitt back to his church. I suppose across this land this day many preachers of the word are spouting forth to the people how you must vote for the Mormon rather than the black fellow. I feel better today, my wound broke loose and really drained and I suppose that is why I have not felt well because the drainage has been slight to nothing.
Fleta has been playing with her red hairs grandchildren again this week end.
I have to go to Harrison Tuesday to the heart doctor.
Our pork is really good on these cool morning. Sammy is still in bed so I made have to try cooking my own breakfast.
I feel sorry for the people on the east coast. I am sure many places are in a bad way and it is getting cooler every day. It may take years to recover if they ever do.
I really am feeling better, maybe all my problems was caused by the wound not draining. I think I will put my coat on and venture out side.


Balisha said...

Take care and have a nice Sunday.

The 4th Sister said...

so glad you are feeling better