Tuesday, November 06, 2012


ERIN, I knew I could get the idiot nurse in trouble but as I told Tony that fool didn't wear shoes until she got a job there she was really dumb. I really do feel sorry for people that are as dumb as this person. She was absolute crazy about Obama being a negro and all the right wing stuff, that was why I wouldn't talk to her about the race because she was way out in lala land. She was in Walkers heart clinic.
Elizabeth Warren wins in Mass.

Erin said...
First off did you have monitor put on at dr offIce or hospital? They shouldn't be talking about politics period. And she should have shut up after you said the word democrat! I work with a bunch of republicans and I hate it!!!! I don't push my beliefs on them; why should they on me. When they talk I just think you are stupid over and over in my head.

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