Saturday, November 10, 2012

good day for Democrats

Since my fast ride down the hill while getting home from seeing the doctor I have been staying in and trolling the net. I would never have guessed the amount of hatred that has poured forth against our man Obama the last few days. I saw today on Democrat under ground a ex secret service man who keeps in touch  with the working secret service people  . He said the secret service was on high alert because an increase  in threats against Obama. These loud mouth reporters on fox news along with people like Rush Limbaugh have stirred up so much hatred for our man if any thing happens to him it can be laid at their door. I saw where some young woman 22 years of age had called for Obama death and when called on it didn't think she had done anything wrong. What  do you think about the Director David Petraeus mess, I think we have not got the whole story, I think there is something about this they are not telling us. The wind is blowing here but the sun is shining. The repubs are on TV trying to decide what to due about their party and some of them just make me chuckle. I saw Ann  Coulter said that to suggest that the repubs should become less Conservative was ridiculous. OK, Annie stick to you guns maybe we will get rid of the rebup party like some have forcaste! Others are trying to decide how they spent all those million and didn't buy the election. I predict if the repub party servers 4 more years Christ Christie will be out front as a leader. Mr. Romney is busy trying to get his money out of the country before Obama raises taxes on the big rich. He ask his accountants yesterday " how many billion did you say can I put in China?" I think he was trying to get what money that was left on his helpers credit cards when he shut them down while the poor fellows were riding back to the hotel.

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Donna said...

I think the Republican party is dead, and they are beating a dead horse. They can't even come up with a decent candidate. They are going to have to get the religious nuts out of things or they will never have a chance. As for me, once I figure out how to do it, I am going to change my party to Libertarian. I am no longer a Republican.