Thursday, November 08, 2012


Conservative political pundit Pat Buchanan stoked controversy today by claiming that Barack Obama's reelection has 'killed White America'."White America died last night. Obama's reelection killed it. Our 200 plus year history as a Western nation is over. We're a Socialist Latin American country now. Venezuela without the oil." Stunned by his clear racisim, Liddy tried to walk his guest back from the ledge: "With what you just said right there...You seem to imply that white people are better than other people. That's not really what you're saying is it?" "Of course that's what I'm saying," Buchanan replied "Isn't it obvious? Anything worth doing on this Earth was done first by white people." "Who landed on the moon? White people. Who climbed Mount Everest? White people. Who invented the transistor? White people. Who invented paper? White people. Who discovered algebra? White people." And don't give me all this nonsense about Martin Luther King and civil rights and all that. Who do you think freed the slaves? Abraham Lincoln. A white guy!" Carte Blanche "But we're not led by Lincoln anymore, we're led by an affirmative-action mulatto who can't physically understand how great America once was." "I cried last night G. I cried for hours. It's over for all of us. The great White nation will never survive another 4 years of Obama's leadership" Liddy tried to reason with Buchanan, reminding him that he shares similar positions with the President on Afghanistan, Iraq, and relations with Russia: "Of course I agree with half of what he does," Buchanan answered, "He's half white! That's not the half I'm worried about." THE MAN HAS GONE COMPLETELY CRAZY AND THEN THERE IS RICK....Former Pennsylvania Senator and GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has claimed that a 'homosexual cabal' stole Tuesday's presidential election.
The conservative catholic politician told CNN this morning that something about the official numbers "just didn't add up" and was forced to draw the only obvious conclusion:
"I see the hand of the homosexual in this massive election fraud," Santorum explained, "Romney was tied or leading in most polls before the election. And then he loses?... Homosexual dirty tricks. It's is the only explanation that makes sense."...OH GOD TO HIGH HEAVEN DELIVER ME FROM ALL THESE CRAZIES.
THEN THERE IS THIS...Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said tonight that he will be spending the next four years "in exile" in Costa Rica.
The controversial provocateur says he cannot fathom living another four years in Obama's America and will be retreating to a private villa near the Costa Rican resort town of Puntarenas until 2016.
 Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said tonight that he will be spending the next four years "in exile" in Costa Rica.

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♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Rush wont leave.. thats just one more LIE he's telling.

too bad he didnt say forever.
2016 isnt nearly long enough for him to be GONE.