Wednesday, November 14, 2012

peel and cooking pumpkin

I think the most remembered saying to come out of this election will be...
anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist said Obama won reelection because he called Romney “a poopy head.”
Now in common mans language he didn't call Romney a shit head he call him a bull shittier and that means some one who says what ever he thinks the person he is speaking to wants to hear. I think that fits Romney to a "T", what do you think? of course shite head means someone who is no good so in my opinion that fits him too.
I peeled one of my pumpkins this morning, no problem . I guess they were ripe and maybe the ones I peeled in the past wasn't ripe. I just cut into pieces and peeled like a potato. I have two large pots on the stove cooking I made have over bought on my pumpkin.
Today is check day, Sam is off to the races.
They keep trying to tie something to the woman who blew the whistle on the CIA affair, that way it usually goes blame the person who told not the guilty. I keep reading the lovers just couldn't help them selves. I am really tired of people using love as an excuses to root like pigs. When they were under the desk grunting like pigs they were not in love they were in heat.
I suppose Romney has dropped off the face of the earth we are not hearing from him. If you don't play like I want I will take my marbles and go home! HA


Sister--Three said...

You will have enough pumpkin to last all of 2013.

Sister--Three said...

Oh, next year Larry says "I am planting pumkisn!"